”En tragedi som inte fått tillräcklig uppmärksamhet!”

”En tragedi som inte fått tillräcklig uppmärksamhet!”

Jon Tallinger, vid det här laget vida känd läkare, specialist inom allmänmedicin och kritiker av den svenska vården, fortsätter debatten kring Corona-hanteringen och det han menar är en allvarlig brist i skyddet av äldre. Han kallar det ett ”stort brott mot de mänskliga rättigheterna”.


NB Nyhetsbyrån har tidigare publicerat inlägg av Jon Tallinger.

Tallinger har under de senaste veckorna gjort sig internationellt känd medialt. Han har bland annat framträtt i flera utländska media. I sin kritik mot den svenska sjukvården riktar han in sig på bland annat behovet av syrgas till äldre, som behöver sjukhusvård med enkel syrgasbehandling.

Varför ger man morfin i stället för syrgas? Varför erbjuds inte äldre sjukhusvård utan bara smärtlindring inför döden? De frågorna ställer han.

Tallinger kritiserar också regeringen hårt för de brister i vården som, menar han, har kommit i dagen. Liksom för att de Corona-tester som nu genomförs har begränsningar man inte talar om.

Sverige, konstaterar han, har gått på tvärs mot övriga världen och man borde jämföra de dödstal vi nu har uppnått i vårt land med de relativt sett mycket låga man har i länder med liknande folkmängd – exempelvis Grekland eller Israel.

Här nedan summerar Jon Tallingers läget per idag, i ett originalinlägg riktat till internationell media:

As of 1 June 2020, I update this open letter to continue to speak out against grossly criminal human rights violations, including illegal euthanasia and senicide taking place in Sweden. As of 30 May, Sweden has the highest number of deaths per capita for Covid-19 in the world, for 7 out of the last 14 days {1} due to many flaws in the official approach.


I, Dr Jon Tallinger of Sweden, appeal to the World Medical Association to conduct an independent investigation into a tragedy affecting many lives in Sweden {2}. A specific appeal will also be sent in.

On 9 April, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said: “Sweden has not succeeded in protecting it’s elderly” to Svenska Dagbladet, and also prepare for possibly up to thousands of deaths. Johanna Sandwall of Socialstyrelsen (National Board of Health and Welfare) has claimed there are 990 ICU units in Sweden, with ongoing work to convert more care centers for the critically ill, and has also advised people not to be afraid to seek medical help if you need it {3}.

I must take a stand on an under-reported tragedy unfolding in Sweden, as a doctor, a parent, and child to my parents whom I value and respect.

I want to inform fellow Swedes and the world about these official directives and newsletters. Despite being too late because 19 countries had more than 8,000 confirmed cases, WHO declared Covid-19 as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern around end-January {4}. Countries had to try to be ready with whatever sources they could get or produce.

As of 8 April, a Västra Götalands region newsletter stated many regions of Sweden are not equipped with oxygen {5}. A 17 April directive for the region of Gävleborg titled ”Oxygen Therapy in COVID-19 Palliative Care” is a complete violation of ethics {6} I swore to uphold as a doctor.

They must be viewed alongside all official directives for elderly people in all regions of Sweden, and decisions made for Sweden’s official Covid-19 strategy on all fronts. Official statistics are determined by many factors, such as policy aims, which might not match what you read or hear.

I need you to understand certain primary ethics doctors are supposed to uphold. They are values that lead me to refuse to “care-plan” 2000+ patients under my supervision. People trust me to do everything I can, to ethically treat them and save lives. I refuse to implement directives telling me to commit illegal euthanasia.

Is it ethical to instruct doctors to first prescribe morphine, rather than oxygen? Is it ethical to deny oxygen to elderly patients? How would you feel, if your parent in the nursing home will not be given critical care, or curative care, or oxygen therapy, because they are deemed “irrelevant” {7}? Do you know the difference between simple oxygenation and ICU-related procedures?

Are you aware 3 large companies in Sweden produce oxygen, hence supplying oxygen outside of a hospital setting should not be an issue? Nippon Gases Sverige AB is a manufacturer in Köping. Air Liquide is a French company with production-affiliation in Sweden. Linde {8} is the “global market leader in the industrial and medical gas industry”.

Despite an announcement on 19 May about a change to testing criteria, many people outside Sweden do not know getting tested for Covid-19 in Sweden has severe limitations up until then.

Sweden’s Folkhälsomyndigheten (Public Health Agency) restricted testing priority to hospitalised patients, people working in healthcare, and workers caring for the elderly. Patients displaying Covid-19 symptoms are not tested until they are hospitalised, and all this outraged a Swede who returned to Sweden for their parent, after living in USA for several years {9}.

If we compare the average weekly mortality of Sweden for January to May, against the past 5 years from 2015 to 2019, what will the data reveal? What information is available {10}?

Many doctors at Karolinska University hospital in Stockholm have told Dagens Nyheter triage has been made so difficult, “we are being forced to let patients die in front of our eyes,” says one doctor {11}.

Aftonbladet saw official documents instructing that patients aged 60 and above with multiple conditions {12}, and patients aged above 80 {13}, will be denied ICU care, raising questions for the rationale of such documents. At least one-third of nursing homes have Covid-19 cases {14}.

In a briefing on April 15 {15}, Anders Tegnell (Sweden’s state epidemiologist) claimed: “It is not a failure for the overall strategy, but it is a failure to protect our elderly who live in care homes.” In the same briefing, he also said Sweden’s healthcare system has not been overwhelmed, and there are plenty of ICU beds available.

He has claimed herd immunity is not a policy but an achievable status, despite the World Health Organization advising against such a strategy. Tegnell is quoted {16} saying: “We want as few people to get infected as possible, at a slow pace, so the health system can cope.”

Wearing masks, gloves or other protective equipment in public has not been recommended.

In Västernorrland, a news report claimed most of the deaths were not treated in a hospital despite availability of ICU beds. For most recent 15 deaths as of 17 April {17}, 10 happened without medical attendance. What was the conscious strategy implemented here?

According to UK’s ICNARC report dated 24 April 2020, approximately 1/3 of elderly Covid-19 patients aged 80 and above with access to ICU care survive. What has happened to Sweden’s elderly, in our official Covid-19 approach?

96-year-old Eva Alinder died in a nursing home, because staff refused to take her to the hospital. Her daughter asked and received a reply along the lines of Eva being “too old”.

Eva was left to choke to death, gasping for air all night, until she died. The only treatment staff offered was an Aspirin and an open window. Her daughter Catharina requested to get her tested for Covid-19 but because there was supposedly no time or staff available, it never happened. Eva’s death will not be included in Sweden’s Covid-19 mortality numbers.

Catharina Alinder said: ”They let my mother suffer for so many hours without oxygen, without being admitted to a hospital. She worked all her life, paid taxes, and this is the thanks she got {18}. She was down to 60% breathing capacity. It was horrible for me and my sister to see her suffer in her last 24 hours.”

81-year-old Hanna Altinsu had no underlying medical conditions, but when he caught Covid-19 and his symptoms worsened, he was denied respiratory care {19} despite available ICU beds outside Stockholm. Turkey airlifted 47-year-old Turkish citizen Emrulah Guluksen out of Sweden, and back to Turkey for treatment of Covid-19 because his daughter Leila Gulusken posted a call for help on Facebook, after her father was supposedly denied treatment.

Can you explain the rationale for instructing doctors or nursing home staff to administer morphine, while denying oxygen or medical attention to elderly patients with Covid-19? Are any other countries doing this?

I interviewed nurse Latifa Löfvenberg for a witness statement shared on my Youtube channel {20}. She worked in a government-funded nursing home in Gävleborg, but is no longer employed there due to her testimony. She has testified to old people being left to choke to death for days. 65-year-old patients struggling with breathing difficulties were refused oxygen.
She explained being instructed to administer Morphine and a muscle relaxer, Midazolam, which helps relieve anxiety while the patients slowly suffocate, sometimes taking days to die.

If an elderly patient eventually loses the fight with Covid-19, it is far more humane to let them die of narcosis and carbon dioxide after we have done our best to save the patient, instead of resorting primarily to Morphine and Midazolam to worsen breathing complications, when they have contracted Covid-19. Without oxygen therapy or necessary medical attention.
I need to highlight specific definitions and ethical considerations in the medical field. They are fundamental reminders of why doctors do our best for our patients as people, and not statistics.

Palliative care is not solely end-of-life care. Palliative care has specific definitions, principles and requirements. According to WHO, it includes {21}:
~ Affirms life and regards dying as a normal process
~ Intends neither to hasten or postpone death
~ Offers a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until death
~ Uses a team approach to address the needs of patients and their families, including bereavement counselling, if indicated
~ Will enhance quality of life, and may also positively influence the course of illness

This must be viewed alongside the principle of double effect in bioethics, also known as PDE {22}. PDE is strongly utilised in specific situations, such as euthanasia, abortions when the mother’s life is in danger, and civilian deaths in war.

Euthanasia is illegal in UK. Passive euthanasia is legal in Sweden since 2010, but with limiting criteria. A health care professional can legally cease life support upon request from a patient, only if the patient wholly understands consequences stated by their health care provider. Informed consent from the patient is crucial. Administering lethal substances is illegal.

When our politicians say they have done everything imaginable to decrease fatalities, it is a blatant lie. As of 19 April, the Guardian {23} reported as per official guidelines, nursing home staff were not using the most basic protective gear.

Experts with relevant knowledge who disagree vehemently with Sweden’s official Covid-19 approach are dismissed as nation-traitors in our most established media {24}, hence these experts are forced to reach out to international outlets. Prof Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér, virus immunology researcher at the Karolinska Institute, had to turn to the Guardian {25}.

Norwegian state epidemiologist, Frode Forland {26} explained his experience with Swedish media: ”I’ve been interviewed by several of them, and they all ask questions about things supporting Sweden’s strategy. It feels like they want to support their own government, but Sweden is going against the entire world on this.”

Is this part of why Swedish experts in virology felt compelled to speak out about Anders Tegnell in a secret e-mail thread, rather than going public with their sentiments {27}?

Covid-19 is not a terminal illness, is treatable and not intractable in First World Countries despite lack of a vaccine at this point and mortality rates in countries such as Italy and USA, and not a definite death sentence for the elderly if they contract SARS-Cov-2.

106-year-old British survivor of 2 world wars Connie Titchen spent 3 weeks in hospital under the care of dedicated staff and recovered {28}. 93-year-old Indian Thomas Abraham and his 88-year-old wife Mariyamma in Southern India both recovered from Covid-19 with ICU care (29}.

Many people are reaching out to me for help, because of policies and decisions leading to illegal euthanasia while contributing to senicide {30} and killing those they love. They struggle to come to terms with not being informed of lies {31} and decisions {32} made by strangers for their parents.

Thomas Hoffman was in contact with his mother Rita Hemsén who sounded fine and positive, even after she was diagnosed with Covid-19. He shares the story of losing contact with her, and her demise at Bergmästargården {33} in Gävle, including the horror of he and his siblings not being informed of decisions made for her by a doctor remotely over the phone without examining their mother, including Morphine and Midazolam.

In her journal, Rita Hemsén wrote that in her last 20 hours, she was given 4 injections with 0.5 ml of Midazolam at a dosage strength of 5 mg/ml.

I have said before: Prescribing drugs such as Morphine while denying oxygen therapy and basic medical attention to elderly afflicted with Covid-19 is most likely to result in them dying.

Professor of geriatric medicine Yngve Gustafson has also said that in geriatric clinics, the survival rate is 70-80 percent {34}. But in elderly homes, where patients with Covid-19 routinely receive drugs such as morphine and midazolam which inhibit respiratory functions, while oxygen and basic medical attention is denied? They are most certainly going to die.

We must fight ignorance with sharply accurate facts and comparisons. Compare Greece and Israel to Sweden, as of 29 May.
Population of Greece is approximately 10.72 million and Israel’s population is 9.136 million, on the eve of 2020. Sweden is approximately 10.327 million people, on the eve of 2020. Sweden’s population density in 2019 is 24 people per km2, Greece is 81 people per km2, Israel is 386 people per km2.

Sweden: 35,727 cases of infection and 4266 deaths.
Greece: 2906 cases of infection and 175 deaths.
Israel: 16, 809 cases of infection and 281 deaths.

I must add 2 landmark comparisons from 22 May, so you can clearly understand these numbers relative to Sweden’s approach, in context of unavoidable facts.

On 16 March, WHO’s Director-General advised testing every suspected case {35}. On 12 May, WHO’s director condemned herd immunity and said {36}, “Responsible member states will look at all their population – they value every member of society and they try to do everything possible to protect health while at the same time, obviously, protecting society and protecting the economy and other things.”

As of 22nd May, Sweden’s Covid-19 testing per 1000 people compared to Iceland, Denmark and Norway is abysmally low {37}. Comparing to a wider international testing pool for 22nd May is even worse {38}, Sweden only better than countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

As of today, Swedish officials have not tracked infections among school students {39}. Without sufficient local data alongside international data, how do we determine evidence-based policy for Covid-19 {40} to truly help all fellow Swedes? Has Folkhälsomyndigheten set up an ethics committee {41}?

Does Sweden have a plan for a pandemic? How do you decide whether to employ basic tracking and quarantine measures when trying to prevent lockdown as a last resort, which has been implemented by authorities in South Korea, Taiwan {42}, New Zealand, and Australia?

If Sweden’s population density is the same as Israel or Greece, what would be the respective numbers, at those population densities? I invite experts to do the maths. Statista also notes approximately 40% of 2019 households in Sweden are single-person households without children {43}.

Why are these directives and decisions instituted? What is fundamentally wrong or lacking with our systems for health or welfare or other fields and for how long, which every Swedish citizen needs to know, in light of horrific policies and decisions creating mass murder of our elderly?

Every foreign journalist and person who educates themselves with accurate information to speak out will play an important role in saving lives.

Professor of geriatric medicine Yngve Gustafson spoke on Channel 4 about Morphine and Midazolam only causing further deterioration for elderly patients {44}, while they are also denied oxygen therapy and necessary medical attention. BBC reported on problems in Sweden’s nursing homes for the elderly {45}. Andreia Rodriguez is a pre-school teacher outside Stockholm, who claims Swedish schools are not practising strict distancing measures or hygiene measures, including wearing of masks {46}.

Contrast the details of these articles with letters such as “I live in Sweden. I’m not panicking” published in the New York Times {47}.

Personal opinions lacking vital details affecting our general populace and specific groups are misleading. Articles informing everyone in all countries about our problems are sorely needed.

Sweden’s PPE issues, lack of hospital beds and necessary medical equipment are appalling on many fronts. From 2013 to 2017, hospital beds have been reduced {48} and in 2017, Sweden officially stands at 2.22 hospital beds per 1000 people and 5.8 ICU beds per 100,000 {49}.

Sweden’s ability to cater to the healthcare needs of our population ranks so badly that globally, we do better than countries such as India, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico and Bangladesh. Our healthcare system was in terrible shape, even before Covid-19.
On Friday 13 March, an article in Dagens Nyheter {50} mentioned people working in healthcare claiming PPE is running out. Actual stockpile numbers are not known, because the inventory compiled from 71 hospitals for a 9 March report became classified information. Who are the people responsible for this decision to keep details confidential from the public?

Our Medical Association chairman Heidi Stensmyren questioned the need for such secrecy. Fellow medical colleague and ICU physician Märit Halmin of Södersjukhuset spoke to Sveriges Radio about ICU issues and said we should not have a culture of silence, which got her reprimanded by hospital management for “breaching confidentiality”.

Dagens Nyheter noted according to someone working in an ICU in a certain region wanting to stay anonymous, about a lack of hospital equipment including hoses for advanced heart-lung machines, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machines, and drugs including 2 types of antibiotics used for treating pneumonia. What about common chemicals for reagents used in Covid-19 tests?

Dagens Nyheter also noted on Friday morning, only 11 visors remained in Stockholm Hospital’s warehouse in Stockholm. In an internal memo, the chief medical officer advised disposable visor and disposable safety glasses can be disinfected and reused.
Dagens Nyheter also reported that on Friday afternoon, our government announced having held meetings with companies and authorities, to increase access to relevant equipment. Folkhälsomyndigheten would become a national purchasing center.

This ongoing crisis of an acute lack of PPE is so bad that on 25 March, Aftonbladet reported some hospitals would run out of masks and visors in 2 days {51}.

The company behind amusement parks such as Gröna Lund in Stockholm and Skara Sommarland in West Sweden contacted Socialstyrelsen to volunteer contributing rain ponchos of their amusement park staff, as an alternative to PPE {52}. On 1 April, 10,000 rain ponchos were delivered to Socialstyrelsen’s crisis management center, which supposedly distributed them for medical staff in hospitals and healthcare institutions, such as nurses working in Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge. That hospital is 1 of 2 locations for Karolinska University Hospital, considered one of Europe’s premier health facilities.

The lives of people are not statistics, sound bites or experiments. Is herd immunity through natural infections the method to pursue? The highest number of Covid-19 deaths per capita {53} and active unethical euthanasia {54} and senicide affecting our elderly during Sweden’s official strategies to handle Covid-19 is appalling.

Sweden’s official data-averse equipment-deficient Covid-19 approach must be rejected and condemned by all countries for change and accountability, especially when too many Swedes may refuse to acknowledge shameful policies and decisions killing fellow Swedes you refuse to learn or care about.

From the long-term impact of SARS on the health of patients {55}, what are long-term effects for survivors of Covid-19? Is the virus mutating in significant ways posing greater threats, when allowed unfettered access to humans without any significant protective measures? What is happening in China {56}?

Sweden’s official Covid-19 approach {57} and public health system {58} is praised by some Swedes and Swedish officials {59}. Reality unveiled by Covid-19 over 5 months continues to reveal unavoidably shocking truths {60}, while I work to raise awareness of fundamental gross human rights violations and many questions due to problematic factors in Sweden’s official strategies, to protect the lives of my patients and vulnerable elderly.

I am in the profession of saving lives, not politics. It has been more than 60 days since I decided to fight for the lives of my fellow Swedes and human rights. I appeal to journalists in all countries and everyone else to please help me share these truths and facts, to understand Sweden’s official statistics with accurate context.

Please help me change ongoing policies in Sweden’s nursing homes, and hold accountable those responsible for grossly criminal human rights violations.

Sincerely, Dr Jon Tallinger (M.D), Sweden


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